We enjoyed meeting you. Your personal touch with the CHRP patrons made us feel very welcomed at the performances. Every year we are encouraged by the enthusiasm and hard work of the young tappers to feel more positive about the state of the world
-Maryon Gray

What wonderful performances!! I’m so delighted to have been able to see them both. Thank you so much for leaving the tickets for me. I really appreciate that.
-Diane Weinberg

We truly enjoyed Saturday evening’s JUBA concert. Dani’s numbers in the first act were fabulous, and the entire second act was simply joyous. Year after year you continue to deliver dance that inspires.We thank you for your efforts to bring tap and percussive dance to all of Chicago. Well done!
-Donald Turner

Phenomenal, phenomenal artists – ignition indeed!!
-Kirsten Mallik

Kudo’s and another round of applause!

We were Ecstatic!!!
Innovative…motivating…up out-of-our-seats with joy!
Both, Jazz Showcase & Studebaker.
Continued success & acclaim.
-David Aaron

Student Responses

Rhythm World ‘18 was so much fun and I can’t pick just one favorite thing! From getting to know my residency teachers, eating lunch and taking classes with my friends, and seeing amazing performances like Zigity Bop and Rhythm Iss, I left Chicago with a full heart and mind. Until next year!

-Melanie Smeltzer

“For me it was an amazing opportunity being able to participate in such a huge event with such incredible dancers. It blew my mind being immersed in tap for a whole week, it is something that completely change your view of things, specially because I wouldn’t be able to see all of that if I hadn’t gotten the scholarship. I’m sure that every little bit of this experience will stay with me forever. Thank you to everyone involved!”

-Laura Peres

My experience at Rhythm World 28 was such a rewarding and empowering experience. I met and became friends with some people from Japan! Every time I come to this dance festival I always meet the most interesting people. The last time I came I met friends from Germany a few years ago. I also met some people from Minnesota and Ohio and we are already making plans for next year to come back and take some classes together! Last but not least, the teachers this year were insanely talented!! Just being in the same room with them was the best feeling ever. Jason Janas’ class was so interesting. The way he taught was really cool but difficult because of how fast it was!

Once again thank you for such an incredible experience. It is one I will remember forever.

-Enrica Uhlen

Letters of Support

Wayne Thomas Elementary

Round Lake Area Library

Hilda Walker Intermediate School

Sarah’s Circle