In-School and After-School Programs

CHRP provides access to high quality educational experiences that are not available through most mainstream dance organizations.

We provide ignition, engagement, and immersion programs that enhance social and emotional learning, teach specific artistic skills and build paths to college and professional careers.

If you are interested in bringing rhythm to YOUR school, or would be interested in funding CHRP’s programs for public school students, please contact:

Lane Alexander
312-542-2477 x201


CHRP provides lecture-demonstrations and master classes in K-12 settings through our city-wide “We All Got Rhythm” and Stomping Grounds festival outreach programs.

“Ignition” moments expand the minds and imaginations of students who have never had access to percussive dance. Almost every great artist can point to an epiphanal moment that led to a lifetime of artistic practice. While deep engagement is important, we do not discount the broad impact of “ignition” opportunities.


We also offer extended 8-week to year-round residencies which can occur during or after-school. These programs are supported in part by the Creative Schools Fund and individual donors.

CHRP’s in-school/after-school education programs help to level the playing field at a critical early age for underserved Chicago young people attending public schools that lack sufficient funds to offer high-quality, standards-based dance education programming. CHRP’s partner schools are located across Chicago.


Through our world class Tap Scholar program and summer intensives, our immersion programs bring together world renowned teachers with gifted students which accelerates the advancement of the individual as well as the field.

Alumni from these programs have included a MacArthur “Genius” Fellow, Michelle Dorrance, Jazz at Lincoln Center Soloist, Jared Grimes, and numerous leaders of the field of dance education, creation and performance including Dani Borak, Jumaane Taylor, Nico Rubio, Star Dixon, Chandler Brown, Ian Berg among others.