The Tap Scholar Program

Founded in 1995 to honor the life of CHRP co-founder, Kelly Michaels, the Rhythm World Tap Scholar Award program has provided more than $350,000 in financial aid to over 300 talented, deserving young dancers from around Chicago, the United States and international exchange.

The Tap Scholar Award program conducts an audition in Chicago every February as a part of the Winter Tap Jamboree where the majority of awards are made and holds auditions in Tokyo, Rio De Janeiro, Zurich, Toronto and various American cities. The Award decisions are based on a combination of criteria including skill, talent and financial need with the intention of creating a diverse mix of young dancers dedicated to furthering their tap and percussive dance education every summer at CHRP’s Rhythm World.

Rhythm World is the oldest, largest and most comprehensive festival of American tap and contemporary percussive arts in the world, annually attracting hundreds of students from around the globe to study with an internationally acclaimed faculty of 25 Р30 master teachers and performers. Over the last 22 years, many Tap Scholar Award winners, including Jumaane Taylor, Ian Berg, Starinah Dixon, Nico Rubio, Sean Kaminski, and Donnetta Jackson, have gone on to successful careers in teaching, choreographing and performing.

Congratulations to our 2019 Tap Scholars!

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